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Is your current teaching style aligned with modern methods of learning?If the lessons you teach today resemble the lessons you received as a primary or secondary student, you are not fully aligned with your students’ learning style.
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Are your children getting the greatest educational benefit from your home Internet? Whether you home school your children or manage their public or private school education, your top priority is their academic achievement.
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How much can you learn from a book? That depends on the book, but maybe a lot. How much can you learn from 500 million books? A whole lot more! The Internet is the largest library the world has ever known, and it keeps growing.
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Celebrating a British – American Hero: (Sir) Winston Churchill Day

 Sir Winston Churchill  become an Honorary Citizen of the United States on April 9th, 1963. The 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, bestowed the honor of granting citizenship to the World War II British leader and staunch American ally. Churchill was 89 when he received this honor; he died two years later. Winston Churchill […]

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A Lunar Tetrad for Tax Day

If adults in your life seem extra cranky this week, it may be because Tuesday, April 15 is tax day, the day federal income taxes are due. The mere mention of taxes elicits moans and bad jokes and plunges many adults into a fiscal funk. This year, the night sky offers a conciliatory show: a […]

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Earth Day 2014

Happy Birthday Earth! In this month’s challenge, we are stepping back in time to the 1970s to discover the origins of Earth Day. What are its roots and how have they grown in 30 years? What is our role in this birthday celebration? Let’s find out as we trace the history of Earth Day from […]

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