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Learners Online bridges the wide gap between Internet access and online learning. Each teacher-developed lesson in our massive library takes you to the best sites on the Web for learning science, math, social studies, language arts, and many other subjects at every grade level. Since 1996 we have been serving the needs of parents and teachers looking for online educational lessons for their kids. We have Online education resources and customized online learning lessons for teachers, homeschooling, homeschool groups and educators.

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Is your current teaching style aligned with modern methods of learning?If the lessons you teach today resemble the lessons you received as a primary or secondary student, you are not fully aligned with your students’ learning style.
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Are your children getting the greatest educational benefit from your home Internet? Whether you home school your children or manage their public or private school education, your top priority is their academic achievement.
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How much can you learn from a book? That depends on the book, but maybe a lot. How much can you learn from 500 million books? A whole lot more! The Internet is the largest library the world has ever known, and it keeps growing.
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American Red Cross – Emergency Relief around the World

What is the one organization devoted to emergency relief and humanitarian aid that has been present at most international disasters and national crises for the past 133 years? The American Red Cross has provided vital assistance to those in need in chaotic situations around the world regardless of geographical challenges and risk of danger. Through natural […]

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The Skinny on Trans Fats

Read any health report in recent years and the topic of trans fats (also referred to as “trans fatty acids”) frequently comes up. Trans fats or hydrogenated fats are created by a process of hydrogenation that is very bad for our health because (like saturated fat) they raise cholesterol levels. Trans fats, which have been […]

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