The Winter Beach

Crisp air, low humidity, and chilly water make for an exhilarating experience for those who visit the beach in the winter. With foliage off the trees and vines, new opportunities for discovery exist at this occasionally tranquil and peaceful time of year. The beach is one of the most dynamic places your students may ever […]

Tools of the Web 2.0 Trade

Now that you are familiar with the premise of Web 2.0 and have joined in the global discussion that debates the implications of this innovative social educational network, now it is time to get started! The tools that are available to teachers are plentiful and in the spirit of sharing information via the World Wide […]

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

In the midst of the darkness that was Apartheid, one man set aside personal danger to become a voice of change and peace … Though not specifically listed in any national or state standards, all students should learn about one of modern history’s most ardent peace crusader who effected vast change both in his country […]


Waste Not, Want Not

Make Earth Day–or any day–meaningful by revving up your students to launch a local Reduce-Reuse-Recycle campaign. Every year, Americans generate more than 250 million tons of waste. In 1980, Americans were generally recycling or composting only about one-tenth of their garbage, meaning that most of it got dumped in the local landfill. Data from 2008, […]

Harrison Bergeron and the pros and cons of equality

A good debate entertains, provokes, and challenges. A controversial dystopia does the same. Put them together and you have one engaging lesson. In Kurt Vonnegut’s classic dystopia, Harrison Bergeron, the government achieves equality (and avoids inferiority) by hampering or disabling individual talents. For example, intelligence is hampered with headphones that transmit distracting noises, strength is […]

Power Proofreading, Expert Editing

What does it take to proficiently write an essay for your state’s assessment test? In the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), the grade 4 writing section is scored on these areas: focus and coherence, organization, development of ideas, voice, and conventions. Have your students mastered these skills? Revising and editing are key components […]

Slow Down! Mathematics for Slower Learners

“I’m just bad at math.” How many students have you heard say that? Perhaps too many. It is so sad to hear a child whose education is just beginning express the belief that there is a subject he or she simply cannot learn. Especially since it is not true! All students, with the possible exception […]

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