Spring – Finally!

Can you feel it? The days are noticeably longer, if you are in the north, the sharp cold Is not so sharp; if you are in the south, a few warm days have already appeared. What is happening? Spring is happening! Signs of spring are everywhere! Migrating species, melting snowpack, the first budding trees, and […]


Using the Web to Take Virtual Art Tours around the World

Spring is the season most folks look forward to enjoying. Spring brings images of bright colors, cheerful hues, wide ranges of tones, and a mix of textures from soft flower petals to bristly new sprouts of grass. So much of our ‘tech time’ is spent playing catch-up with all that is available on the Web. […]

Five Themes of Geography

Quick, can you name the five themes of geography? They are location, place, region, human interaction with the environment, and movement. Review these five important themes and their implications in terms of the global world we interact within today. In 1984, the National Council for Geographic Education established the five themes of geography to help […]

Measures of Central Tendency

Students in middle school and even high school rarely have the opportunity to review the concepts involved with measuring central tendency. They learned briefly about mean, median, and mode at some point in their upper elementary math class, but probably did not apply the skills in any meaningful applications beyond counting M&Ms (and certainly no […]

What’s Up with the Weather?

Just how is local weather driven by global forces? In order to understand what is happening at home as we dress for school truly depends upon what is happening all around the world! Record snowfall and cold temperatures hit much of the United States this winter. Even so, it is not unprecedented. A similar pattern […]

Try This: Four Sites to Explore

Mining the Internet can be dirty business. Who among us has not spent hours searching for academically sound, interactive, and relevant sites? It can be difficult to identify the worthwhile sites, and to stay on track. That dirty work is no longer necessary thanks to one site that digs for us and then challenges us […]


Word Power: A Wealth of Words at Your Fingertips

Jonathan is reading about Amelia Earhart and comes to the word “plane.” He understands the meaning of this word, but later reads that some people thought Earhart was a “plain” woman. Jonathan thinks that means she was nicknamed the “airplane lady.” While the two words sound alike, you explain to him that “plain” and “plane” […]

Taking Count: the United States Census

What has happened every ten years since 1790 and helps the government to run more efficiently? It is the census. As required by the Constitution, every ten years the United States takes a census of its population. The government uses the data from the census to determine apportionment for the House of Representatives and the […]


NASA has some exciting news! On March 18th, NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft is scheduled to arrive in orbit around the planet Mercury. This spacecraft will transition from orbiting the Sun to being the first spacecraft ever to orbit Mercury. One of the mission’s goals for MESSENGER will be to study and image Mercury from orbit for […]

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