Spreadsheet Tutorials for Teachers

It has been on your list of things to do but always seems to get tucked behind more pressing tasks. Taking your spreadsheet skills to the next level is a valuable time-saver and bumping this useful application up to top priority will help you accomplish many other items on your list more efficiently! Papers to […]

Exploration and Economics: Colonizing the United States

The colonization of the United State was an exciting and perilous adventure, even after colonists arrived in North America. Students join the adventure as they explore the hardships and rewards of economic life in the 13 colonies. With many different motivations and dreams, Europeans came to colonize North America. How would they form a new […]

Tuning Into Waves

We interact with and depend upon waves every day – from sounds and visible light to microwaves and solar radiation. Take students on a full-spectrum tour to learn more about the nature of waves. The Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum is all around us. The spectrum is made of frequencies at which EM waves can occur. Sound, […]

Math Awareness Month

The month of April brings more than showers; we look forward to spring holiday, Easter, Passover, warm and sunny weather, and we start to count the number of days left in the school year. April is also a significant month for math students and teachers! Math Awareness Month. Promoted by the Joint Policy Board for […]

Put a Little Poetry in your Life (or your Pocket)

When is the last time you read a poem? It is easy to overlook the genre; poems are often so short they could fit on slips of paper, tucked in a pocket like a secret. Novels carry the weight of pages, non-fiction texts the importance of facts. To some, poetry seems insignificant, but poetry expresses […]

Reconnecting with Your Library

National Library Week takes place during the week of April 11-16th and it celebrates the role that libraries – academic, special, public, and school – play in our lives. This week was first sponsored in 1958 and it is now a national observance supported by the American Library Association and libraries across the country each […]


Math Time!

As anyone who has ever given a child “five more minutes” knows, time is not something most children grasp intuitively. To a child, five minutes can seem like either the blink of an eye or an eternity depending on what is going on. Therefore, teaching about time can be challenging as students slowly become aware […]


The oceans cover nearly 71% of Earth’s surface. Approximately 80% of our population lives within 60 miles of the Ocean (or the Gulf of Mexico). Their average depth is over 3700 meters and the deepest trenches reach 11,033 m (over 36,000 ft) below sea level! Oceans represent a food source, a control on climate, and […]

Libya and Col. Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qadhafi

Students will explore the reign of Col. Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qadhafi of Libya and the conflict that has riveted worldwide attention. As students delve into the history leading up to the conflict, they will tap the rich resources of the World Wide Web for a multimedia experience as they compare and contrast current news articles, […]

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