The Art of Science

Get back to basics by revisiting how concept maps and creative exploration of the scientific method can bring freshness to teaching science. Students often get pulled into learning methods that are very linear and left-brained. This may be particularly true in science, in which memorization, sequence, and rationale are primary tools for learning. To quote […]


Open Courseware

Do you have an English literature topic that intrigues you? Want to learn more about the works of Shakespeare, Melville, and Morrison? What about writing genres, reinventing fairy tales, or appreciating poetry?  What if you could learn more about the topic of your choice…but without the constraints of scheduled classes? Open courseware is the answer. […]

Caring for our Blue Planet

A global celebration for our seas is about to take place! Mark your calendars on June 8th for World Oceans Day. This event is where people throughout the world pay tribute to the bodies of water on our planet that connect us. These waters are indeed our life support system. Water covers a vast majority […]

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