Getting Around the YouTube Dilemma

Maybe you are teaching about World War 2 and want to present a primary source video of a Germany news broadcast of their perspective of D-Day. Or perhaps you wish to take students into a laser lab where they can learn about an ultrafast laser experiment. Or you might want students to ‘meet’ Ayn Rand […]

Measuring Unemployment and Poverty in an Economic Recession

Jobs. Income. Security. With a job, one can maintain an income and access to resources such as insurance and future financial security. With a job, one contributes to a larger team or project and reaps the benefits of enhanced skills, broader knowledge base, and wider circle for social networks. With a job, one finds purpose […]

A World Without Hunger

Food is essential for life. To be healthy and well nourished, we must have adequate amounts of a variety of good-quality, safe foods. Having access to food is something that most of us take for granted. When our refrigerators and kitchen pantries need to be restocked with more goods and fresh produce, our parents shop […]

Favorite Social Studies Web Sites

What educational Internet sites do you visit and incorporate in your classroom instruction on a regular basis? When was the last time you scoured the Web for new sites? The Internet can be a daunting place filled with dubious sites. A simple Google search can net thousands and even millions of hits. Who has time […]

What’s the Matter?

Matter is everywhere! How often do most people, including students think about matter, its states, and properties? We tend to take matter for granted, but in reality it can be quite dynamic as it changes over time. These changes occur as a result of outside forces including temperature, weathering agents, and more. We are surrounded […]

The Suez Canal

In 1869 the “Highway to India” would connect Europe and Asia in a new way… Who first had the idea of building a canal through Egypt? The idea of the Suez Canal began with the Pharaohs! Students will gather clues to the rich history and current events surrounding the Suez Canal through a variety of […]

What Do You Know? Assessing Student Learning

How do you know that students “get it?” You know because you use dynamic assessment tools. In some quarters, “assessment” has become a tarnished term, associated with ‘No Student Left Behind’ and fears of teaching to the test. But assessments help to understand how students are learning, to identify accomplishments worth celebrating, and to recognize […]

Investigating Landform Mysteries

Lead students on a journey from Mars to the Pacific Northwest, where they will uncover geological mysteries and discover how to solve them. Since the first distinct images of Mars were captured and analyzed, scientists had concluded that water once ran on the surface of Mars. Erosion patterns were clear and matched similar patterns on […]

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