Professional Development: Online Teaching Communities

As Thanksgiving break looms on the near horizon of the calendar, the hectic fervor of final lessons, projects, and grades ensues. We as teachers are ready for the break from academic pressure and administrative duties that comes with fall and winter holidays. Parents and students are ready for a respite from reports and academic requirements. […]

DNA Profiling Headed for Upgrade

You may have heard the name “CODIS” mentioned in nearly any American crime drama on television or in the news. Its name stands for Combined DNA Index System, and the system contains about 10 million profiles of convicted offenders, unsolved crime scene evidence, and missing persons. It relies on a set of 13 genetic markers, […]

The Richness of Puerto Rico

In this month’s Internet Challenge™, we will take a virtual trip to Puerto Rico, a small island that is located in the Caribbean Sea, about 1,000 miles southeast of Florida. The official name of this island is the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and it is a self-governing entity in association with the United States. Who […]

Tall, Tall Tales: American Folklore

Lasso a cow with a snake! Drive a steel spike as fast as a steam drill! Come explore American folklore through tall tales. Students will explore the tall tales of American folklore through the World Wide Web as they read an online storybook, enjoy interactive quizzes and games, listen to a traditional ballad and create […]

Study Abroad from Home

Are you one of many teachers who would love to travel over the holidays but just cannot afford it? Have you ever wondered what it might be like to study abroad? Imagine sitting in a comfortable lounge chair, sipping lemonade, and learning how the brain works from …. London! A wide variety of professional development […]

Hypatia of Alexandria

Dangerous beliefs. Rule breaker. Murder! Now, what ten-year-old would not be interested in that? A woman literally a millennia ahead of her time, Hypatia of Alexandria, was raised to be a scholar in a time when women were generally thought to be of lower intelligence than men and therefore not fit to study. She was […]

One Hundred Years of War: Medieval Life and Warfare

Can you imagine fighting in the same war that your grandfather and father did and one that your own son may grow up to fight in as well? That is exactly what happened during the Middle Ages. Great Britain and France fought each other for generations. What began as a struggle over the succession of […]

The Novels of John Steinbeck

Looking for an unforgettable story? Look to John Steinbeck. Autumn is novel season. In October, the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded. The first Saturday in November is Book Lovers’ Day, and November is Novel Writer’s Month. Which American author represents the novel as well as John Steinbeck? Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for The […]

Meeting in the Middle – The Midpoint Formula

The new Common Core Math Standards have established a universal scope for the sequence of math concepts for the K-12 curriculum. While certainly many expert eyes combed through and revised and reviewed and re-presented the standards until they ultimately reached the present set, the standards can always be improved. Many states have already adjusted the […]

Carbon Cycling, Disruption & Sequestration

Lead students into the carbon cycle to investigate human-driven disruption and an emerging real-world application for rebalancing the system. Students are generally aware that living organisms rely on carbon for structure and functioning.  In previous grade-level learning, they were also introduced to how carbon cycles through both the biotic and abiotic components of natural systems. […]

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