Black Friday and the GDP

‘Tis the season for retail discounts! If you participated in Black Friday, we hope you found a great deal – and gave a little boost to the GDP. Some U.S. shoppers had to head for their post-Thanksgiving nap a little earlier this year to be ready to participate in the Black Friday rush, as many […]

Play Ball: Including Sports Writing in Your Class

Sports writing is a genre that is often benched in English class. It deserves playing time. Do you have some students who are not fans of reading? Surprise and excite them by introducing a genre study on a topic often ignored in English class: sports writing.  Sports writing may surprise you also. Yes, it includes […]

Mathematics of Motion: Position Graphs

Whether considering driving a safe speed to school, hitting a high speed baseball, running a race at the track and field competition, or just making it to Physics class from English Literature on time, at some point, students are encountering the mathematical principles behind position and motion. Tying science and math concepts together, an exploration […]

The Coolness of Computer Programming

Software coding, and learning how to code, is simpler than ever. Plug into some online resources to show students how computer programming is as easy as 1+2+3. The day has dawned when being a geek is cool. Perhaps it is because today’s modern communications and entertainment devices are routine and many of us rely so […]

Journey Through Japan

Although Japan is located over 5,000 miles away from the United States, the influence of Japan is seen throughout America. To begin, take a look at any local town street or big city highway, and you are bound to see many Japanese cars. Think about how many Toyota, Honda, and Nissan vehicles you see in […]

Web Browsers – Which Is Best for My Classroom?

On a teacher salary, cost is probably one of the primary factors when considering which type of cell phone, laptop, digital camera, or any other technology tool to purchase. Is the item that is more expensive better? Sometimes yes, although not always. Does the price tag factor into the final decision? Almost always. So what […]

Clinton Visits Myanmar

On November 18, 2011, President Obama announced Secretary of State Clinton will travel to Myanmar (also known as Burma) in early December. It is the first visit by an American Secretary of State in over fifty years. In announcing the trip, Obama cited recent “flickers of light” despite a long history of human rights violations, […]


Christmas around the World

Can you imagine celebrating Christmas during the summer? What would you think about celebrating the holiday on January 7 instead of December 25? What traditions come to mind when you hear the word Christmas? You might think of Christmas traditions like the decorating of the Christmas tree, the hanging of stockings, the arrival of a […]

Growing a Poetry Tree

“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree” is from the poem “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer. Imagine growing a Poetry Tree in your classroom to investigate and celebrate poetry. Cultivate the soil by studying the elements of poetry, fertilize your plant by examining poetry, and admire your Poetry Tree […]

Extending Our Senses

We use our senses to detect aspects of our environment. From the time our students were infants, they knew they could learn much from taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell. Scientists have developed numerous “detectors” that essentially enable us to extend our senses. Reflect back to the hurricane season just ended. Did we need to […]

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