Save the Tiger!

Panthera tigris, more commonly known as the tiger, is one of the world’s awe-inspiring animals. At local zoos, crowds gather at the tiger habitat, amazed at the grace and power of these magnificent cats. All over the world, the tiger is a symbol of strength, vitality and natural beauty. A world without tigers seems impossible […]


Think of a time that you were digging in soil. You probably saw some earthworms. Or maybe after a rain shower, you have seen earthworms on driveways and sidewalks. These temporary wet conditions give worms a chance to safely move to new places. What is an earthworm? Earthworms—often called night crawlers, garden worms, or worms—are […]

The Iditarod

Put on your virtual hats, coats, boots, and gloves! In this month’s Internet Challenge™, we are going to Alaska to watch a special race that is over 1,100 miles long. What is the name of this event? It is the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race-a real-life adventure that takes place annually in March. An exciting […]

Candid about Canines

Believe it or not, there are 60 million pet dogs in America as reported by the U.S. Pet Ownership. Of those 60 million dogs, what breed is the most popular? If you guessed the Labrador retriever, you are correct. Do you think most dogs sleep on the floor, in a dog house, or on the […]

A Week for Animals

Nearly a century ago, the American Humane Association started an annual event that takes place during the first full week in May: Be Kind to Animals Week. This event, which takes place typically in May, focuses on humane education about all types of animals. Animals play an important role in our lives and deserve humane […]

Saving the Frogs

It is important that frogs and toads stay noisy. The alternative would be unbearable—a silence that would mean the water was gone…or undrinkable. ~ Joseph T. Collins On April 28th, “Save the Frogs Day” will be celebrated in more than a dozen countries, such as Brazil, Ecuador, India, Canada, Italy and the United States. Cities […]

The Buzz about Honeybees

With an animated movie about bees recently arriving in movie theaters and with the latest media reports about the disappearance of honeybees throughout the world, spending some time in this month’s Internet Challenge™ to find out more about this unique insect is most sensible. Although tiny in size, the honeybee has a huge impact on […]

Frogs! Frogs! Frogs!

Frogs. We see them as we walk around ponds and hear their ribbeting chorus. We marvel at their leaping abilities and their wide range of spectacular colors. Here are some fascinating frog facts: Both frogs and toads can be found all over the world except for Antarctica and the earliest known frog appeared about 190 […]

Endangered Species

We’re going to learn more about earth’s endangered species in this Internet Challenge. Our focus this time is online exhibition presented by the American Museum of Natural History. We’ll be reading about endangered animals throughout the world—their habitats and unique characteristics—and we’ll look at the role that humans play in preserving these distinct animals. Ready […]

For the Birds

As we ease back in to school, take a moment to consider a rather unknown holiday. National Bird Day, which takes place on January 5th. This holiday, established by bird activists, is to draw attention to the exploitation of pet birds and captive birds. Why do we have such a holiday? According to the Born […]

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