Safe and Fun Web Design for Kids of All Grades

Kids of all ages love to surf the Web. Younger students search for online games to play such as Star Wars, Barbie, NeoPets, Webkinz, and Pokeman. Middle grades students start to enter the world of collaborative online games such as MuddleNet and 39 Clues and use the Web to follow up on sports and trends. […]

Blackout: The Day the Internet Went on Strike

How often do you watch videos online?  Do you download music?  Have you ever uploaded a video with music? Do you use the internet to conduct research? Do you ever consider who owns the rights to those videos, music, or text? How often do you pay for what you use on the internet? Now, imagine […]

Be Heart Smart!

Since 1963, February has been declared American Heart Month as part of an effort to urge Americans to recognize the nationwide problem of heart diseases and to support programs to solve it. Heart disease, including stroke, is the leading cause of death for men and women in America. A serious health concern, heart disease affects […]

Patriotic Songs

You are in the arena to see a basketball game. After the teams warm up, they go back to their side of the court and stand in a line. A singer walks up to the microphone, all eyes turn to the lighted flag, people in the audience take off their hats and rise. Why do […]

All Aboard the Underground Railroad

As Harriet Tubman led the group of runaway slaves to the clearing, she pointed to a brick house across the river. “There,” she said, “that’s where freedom lies. Mr. Coffin and his wife will watch over you as you rest.” Levi and Catherine Coffin’s house was an important stop on the Underground Railroad. Conductor Tubman […]

Benjamin Banneker, Mathematician

He built the first clock made in the United States, and he built it from memory, using parts he carved by hand. It kept perfect time for 50 years. He planned the entire city of Washington, D.C. in two days. His publications were mailed around the world by presidents and kings. Well, actually, probably not. […]

The Congressional Medal of Honor

At 25, First Lieutenant Vernon Baker, a former servant, risked his life to save the wounded of World War II; at 77 he would receive the Medal of Honor… In 1941, Vernon Baker was tired of being a railroad porter and servant. He decided to enlist in the Army. Four years later, at the age […]

Walter Dean Myers: Young People’s Ambassador

Monster. Hoops. Autobiography of My Dead Brother. Slam. Fallen Angels. Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary. 145th Street: Short Stories. Carmen. Street Love. Boys and girls, middle schoolers and high schoolers, prolific readers and non-readers: there is a Walter Dean Myers book for everyone. Do not limit yourself to just one of his stories; conduct […]

‘Lure’ Pre-Algebra Students with a ‘Labyrinth’

Once in a while we come across a program that is so engaging and beneficial for students that happens to also be 1) free and 2) directed towards middle school math learners! Get ready to ‘Lure’ Pre-Algebra students into the challenging ‘Labyrinth.’ Lure of the Labyrinth (from Learning Games to Go project, funded by the […]

Cancer Out in the Open

Young adults rarely think cancer will strike them personally, or at least not until they are much older. Although it is true that children and teens are a relatively small proportion of cancer patients, genetic, environmental, and behavioral factors come into play and sometimes cancer arises due to known inherited risk or by complete surprise. […]

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