When Your Brain Takes a Hit

It is football season. For fans, that means pizza, key plays, and wearing your lucky socks every weekend. For players, it means grueling work to make and stay on the team, fame or infamy (depending on what plays you make or miss), and hard hits. This week, those hard hits were the focus of much […]


Adventures on the Web

 The school schedule can be challenging; tight blocks are set aside for more activities than the day can fit. For topics that only need a class period to cover, the hectic scheduling is not too challenging. However consider science concepts that tend to require multiple class periods to sufficiently cover. If we try to implement […]

Let’s Get Ready for some Football Fun

When Hank Williams Jr. penned the song “Are You Ready for Some Football”, he probably did not realize the impact of those words. The music gets you excited about your favorite football team. You root for a championship season and a shot at the playing in the Super Bowl. While baseball might be the considered […]

Mathematical Modeling

The math curriculum is set in place and schedules are clicking along like a train heading full-steam ahead. Each day a new concept; a lesson, a set of exercises, a quiz or possible test and then the cycle continues. It is indeed very important that all of the mathematical standards are met and topics are […]

The Forms, Functions, and Complex Stories of Biomolecules

Living organisms depend on biomolecules, and their nature is as varied as the functions they perform. Most biomolecules are macromolecules, which often include repeating units. They include proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. Living organisms are literally born from biomolecules, such as DNA, and we also rely on them to build tissue, obtain nutrients from […]

Go West!

Imagine you live in the United States during the 1840s. Many of your friends and family members have packed up all of their belongings and headed west. What would you do? A few decades after the colonists gained their independence from Great Britain, the United States doubled in size with the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. By […]

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