It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Meteorite

Traveling at an estimated 33,000 mph, faster than the speed of sound, a 10-ton meteor broke into pieces above Earth on February 15, 2013. One meteorite hurtled onward toward Earth, streaking brilliantly across the sky above Chelyabinsk, Russia. Its shockwaves shattered more than 4,000 windows and engaged car alarms. Approximately 1,000 people sustained injuries. Scientists […]

Pope Benedict XVI Bids Adieu

The Pope is important to Catholics; however, last week, he was the talk of people worldwide, despite their religious preferences. The Pope is responsible for ensuring that all decisions made by the Catholic Church adhere to the mission, doctrine, and morals of the Church. He is not worshipped, but he is certainly revered and respected. […]

You have Mail…but not on Saturdays

“You have mail” used to refer to real mail, snail mail, mail in the mailbox by your curb or on your porch. For centuries the United States Postal Service brought letters that connected family and friends when phones and computers were non-existent, uncommon, or expensive. The USPS remitted bills and advertisements, and delivered invitations and […]

The Burmese Python Invades Florida’s Everglades

Florida has a problem. Not with politicians, too many sun-seeking tourists, part-time senior citizens residents, or vacationing college students. No, Florida has a problem with snakes. Burmese pythons to be exact. Florida, home of Walt Disney World, is accustomed to welcoming visitors from around the world. But, some visitors are more problematic. Burmese pythons, it […]

The Process of Writing

A recent Vanderbilt study of 300 fourth, fifth, and sixth grade teachers reveals that teachers reported spending only about 15 minutes per day explicitly teaching writing.  Students spent just 25 minutes a day on writing activities that focused on worksheets and short answer responses. Children will write essays throughout their academic careers, to gain admission […]

Dental Health: A Window to Your Wellness

You don’t have to brush your teeth – just the ones you want to keep. ~ Author Unknown Did you know that your dental health may be able to offer clues about your overall health and wellness? Regular dental visits can do more than just keep your smile attractive. The dentist may be one of […]


Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Resources

Energy is not a new invention. It dates all the way back to the Stone Age when it was used to provide light and heat. Today, energy is the driving force at the center of almost everything. Students arrive home each day and flip switches to satisfy whatever need or desire they hold dear at […]

The Fifty United States

Watch the United States form before your eyes; learn where the states got their nicknames and test your knowledge as we explore the fifty unique, but united, states. What is the United States like? With fifty states varying widely in geography, history, and population, there are at least fifty different answers. Through the World Wide […]

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