Cast Your Vote: The Voting Rights Act of 1965

During the summer of 1965, Americans joined hands and marched for civil rights. Among those rights was the right to vote. In 1965, eligible African American voters often faced discrimination at the ballot box. To combat the systematic voter discrimination against African Americans found primarily in southern states, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act […]

Peeping Online – Security vs. Privacy – the Debate Continues

Perhaps you have heard about the ongoing debate regarding privacy versus security. The national conversation was sparked again over the recent uproar regarding a recent leak of classified information from one of the United States Government’s top security agencies. The current national focus on the practices of The National Security Agency’s  (NSA), previously undisclosed program known […]

Shortfin Mako Shark 053

No Fin Soup, Please

Last week, on June 3rd, a group of professional fishermen caught what they suspect is a record-setting shortfin mako shark.  The 1,323.5 pound, 11 feet long, 8 feet around shark was caught after an hours-long tussle off the coast of California. While they are waiting for the measurements to be verified, a controversy has surfaced: […]


Take a Hike!

People across the country laced up their boots, strapped on a backpack, and headed outside this past weekend. Sunday, June 1 marked National Trails Day. The American Hiking Society began the tradition in 1993. Since then, the first Sunday of June has been a day to learn about and to explore America’s trails. National Trails […]

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