The Sharing Economy

How many times have you been told to share? Turns out, your mom was on to something. A new approach to goods and services has emerged. It is called the ‘sharing economy.’ Others describe it as peer-to-peer marketplaces, or collaborative consumption. Whatever the name, the idea is simple: instead of spending money on goods you […]

Learn Some Solid Tips About Homeschooling Here

Every child deserves to receive a proper education, but you don’t have to send them to expensive schools. Homeschooling is becoming a popular choice for many different families. There are many ways to give your kids the education they deserve right in your own home. Read the advice below for some helpful tips on homeschooling. […]

Tips And Advice About Teaching At Home

Whether you’ve considered homeschooling in the past and discarded the idea, or you are new to the concept, it’s definitely something worth thinking about. This is becoming more popular than ever. It’s important that you know what you need to school your children properly. One of the benefits of homeschooling is the ability to teach […]

How To Know If Homeschooling Is Right For You

Should You Homeschool? Is homeschooling something you are considering for your child’s education? Do you want to make sure you fully understand homeschooling before taking the leap? Sometimes parents may be unsure about homeschooling and need a little more information to finalize their decision. Use this article to help you become better informed and more […]

Learning All About Homeschooling With These Simple Tips

A growing number of people have lost faith in today’s public school system. Sadly, many people cannot afford for their kids to attend private school. If you homeschool your children you will not have this issue any longer. Homeschooling your children is the perfect way of making sure that they get an excellent education without […]


An Apple a Day

Apples, the crunchy, juicy fall fruit, have inspired writers, philosophers, and scientists for centuries. Quotes about apples abound: The apple does not fall far from the tree. She is the apple of my eye. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Why did the apple fall? You cannot compare apples and oranges. She is […]

The Hawaiian Monk Seal: Dog That Runs in Rough Waters

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.                     ~ Martin Buber, philosopher   In this month’s Internet Challenge™, we are going to learn about a critically endangered species that is also is distinctive for being an Hawaiian native: the Hawaiian Monk Seal, the State’s official mammal. While most seals prefer cooler […]

Paying a Song for a Song

Back in the day, music was only available by buying records or cassettes, or by listening to a commercial radio station. Technology has changed how and where we listen to music. Gone are the days of needing a store, or even a product like a record, or cd. Today, music is downloaded and streamed. iTunes, […]

Looking for Art

The Web is a fantastic resource for education in the visual arts. The Internet allows students to access artistic images from many different times and cultures. By exploring various art pieces from a wide range of times, cultures, and styles, students will learn to form their own opinions of the art they see. By answering […]


The Rigor of Informational Text

The new Common Core standards require more “rigor”. So what does rigor really mean? Could it mean we expect our students to learn at higher levels? How do you assess a high level understanding of informational text? The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts emphasizes the importance of students reading informational text. […]

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