Stanford v Texas

The Science of Basketball

March Madness, the NCAA basketball championship series, is in full swing. For the next several weeks, people across the country will cheer for their favorite team, obsessively wear their lucky shirt, and track their bracket predictions. But if don’t share the love of the game, perhaps you can appreciate the bounce of the ball and […]


50th Anniversary of Selma

‘Bloody Sunday’… an ignominious title that no town in America would ever wish to have. On March 7, 1965, Selma, a small town in Dallas County, Alabama went from being a quiet rather unknown place to a community splashed all over the news and front pages of the papers. The town was the site of […]


Tragedy in Nepal – Massive Earthquake Demolishes

News this past weekend centered on a typically quiet, unobtrusive region in the world. On Saturday, April 25, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the capital city of Kathmandu in the relatively small nation of Nepal. Aftershocks registered as high as magnitude 6.7 and kept occurring repeatedly right up to late Sunday where a 5.3 earthquake […]

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