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eLearning Systems International is a global thought leader in the advancement and development of online learning solutions for institutions of learning, organizations with an educational mandate, and of course individual learners. Our expertise is in creating systems that maximize the potential of the global network as a platform for managing and delivering highly effective instructional programs at any time, from any location, using only a standard Web browser. In addition to developing our own instructional systems and software applications, eLearning Systems International offers consulting and customized software development services.

eLearning Systems International began operations in 1996, just as the World Wide Web was starting to mature. We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas, a centralized North American location that greatly facilitates communication, customer support, and travel for onsite training. We also have an office in South Africa, and other global office locations are being considered.

Mary Ashmore, founder and CEO of ESI, is a tireless and outspoken advocate for Web-based teaching and learning, always with an eye on the global potential of common elearning systems. The leadership team is also composed of talented teachers, instructional designers, and technologists who work together to build innovative, highly effective solutions that are, above all, easy to use.



Products & Services


Our flagship product, WebLessons is the most advanced web-based learning system of its kind. With WebLessons, students engage in self-directed learning explorations tied to a wealth of Web-based educational resources. Website:  http://www.weblessons.com/

Learners Online

Learners Online is a monthly ejournal of web-based teaching and learning for educators who are serious about integrating online learning into the content area classroom. Each issue showcases hundreds of great sites each month and includes a wealth of lesson ideas.


Our Newspaper In Education (NIE) solution turns the World Wide Web into a current events research library. With WebCurrents, news becomes a gateway to knowledge as students go behind the headlines to find a wealth of cross-curricular learning.

Professional Services

Our strength in web and multimedia development, combined with our unmatched expertise in instructional design, make Learners Online an ideal vendor for organizations in need of customized e-learning solutions.


About Learners Online

Life Begins Outside the Classroom! Learners Online will give you the knowledge and tools you need to integrate online content into traditional home and classroom learning. A must for any educator or parent who wants to make the Internet a child's textbook to the world.

It is ideal for schools, individual classrooms, home school communities, or independent learners who want to maximize the enormous potential of the web as a learning tool. With each lesson topic, educators learn specific strategies to help students engage the content in meaningful contexts.


Why Choose Us

  • Relevant, exciting content at your fingertips
  • Classroom, school, or home school instructional curriculum
  • Never be at a loss again for what to teach!
  • Each issue contains seven complete lessons covering all of the major core curriculum areas for elementary and secondary grade levels.
  • provides educators with over 200 carefully researched and screened sites each month.

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