Cost of education student loan and financial aid

Making Economics Personal

Let’s face it. It can be bit of a challenge to get students excited about economics. High school students are often more interested in how they can buy the coolest clothes and gadgets than they about the United States’ fiscal cliff. Time to make economics personal for teens. While the United States is facing a […]


Why You Buy: The Psychology of Shopping

Put on your armor and steel yourself for battle—‘tis the season for retail shopping.  Black Friday became Grey Thursday this year as retailers such as Target, ToysRUs, Walmart, and Best Buy opened on Thanksgiving Thursday for Black Friday sales. With up to a quarter of their annual sales occurring between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and increased […]

Measuring Unemployment and Poverty in an Economic Recession

Jobs. Income. Security. With a job, one can maintain an income and access to resources such as insurance and future financial security. With a job, one contributes to a larger team or project and reaps the benefits of enhanced skills, broader knowledge base, and wider circle for social networks. With a job, one finds purpose […]

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