The Sharing Economy

How many times have you been told to share? Turns out, your mom was on to something. A new approach to goods and services has emerged. It is called the ‘sharing economy.’ Others describe it as peer-to-peer marketplaces, or collaborative consumption. Whatever the name, the idea is simple: instead of spending money on goods you […]


All Eyes on Syria

You probably noticed that Syria dominated headlines last week. World leaders are faced with a decision: how to respond to Syrian President al-Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons. It is a decision that deeply divides world leaders. President Obama supports military strikes against military targets in Syria and hopes to create a coalition of forces […]


Motown’s Swan Song?

In an extraordinary political drama, Detroit, yes the city, filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection on Thursday, July 18th. It has faced a number of economic hurdles in recent years, including plummeting population, sinking tax revenue, and skyrocketing debt. By filing for Chapter 9, city officials hope to gain protection from unions and creditors.  Watch […]


Cast Your Vote: The Voting Rights Act of 1965

During the summer of 1965, Americans joined hands and marched for civil rights. Among those rights was the right to vote. In 1965, eligible African American voters often faced discrimination at the ballot box. To combat the systematic voter discrimination against African Americans found primarily in southern states, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act […]

Peeping Online – Security vs. Privacy – the Debate Continues

Perhaps you have heard about the ongoing debate regarding privacy versus security. The national conversation was sparked again over the recent uproar regarding a recent leak of classified information from one of the United States Government’s top security agencies. The current national focus on the practices of The National Security Agency’s  (NSA), previously undisclosed program known […]

Talking Taxes

April 15th is a gloomy day for many Americans. It is Tax Day, the day Americans file state and federal income tax forms and submit payments. This year, 2013, marks the 100th anniversary of the federal income tax. In 1913, America ratified the 16th Amendment, which allows the federal government to levy a federal income […]

It’s Spring in Washington, D.C.

In late March and early April, thousands maybe even millions of blossoms cover the cherry trees along the banks of the Potomac Tidal Basin in the National Mall. It is a breathtaking site to behold. In March 1912, over three thousand cherry trees arrived in Washington, D.C. as a goodwill gift from the nation of […]

The Science of Paper Money

Few could argue that paper money has supreme importance in today’s world. This is because of its value and the fact that it is accepted almost universally. Before the advent of paper money, Barter Exchange Systems  were in place. These procedures worked fairly well whenever each party could provide something desirable for the other party. […]


Understanding the United States Budget

As tax time approaches in the United States, students will learn about the budget process, Sequestration, and the current battle between Democrats and Republicans over where tax dollars will be spent. 2013 has been a contentious year for United States lawmakers trying to craft a federal budget. Although a government shutdown has been avoided through […]

Hail to the Chief

This week, Washington D.C. hosts a series of events that celebrate the fifty-seventh inauguration of the President of the United States. Barack Obama will officially be sworn in for his second term on Monday, January 21, 2013. It is the final step on a journey that began over a year ago on the campaign trail, […]

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