American Red Cross – Emergency Relief around the World

What is the one organization devoted to emergency relief and humanitarian aid that has been present at most international disasters and national crises for the past 133 years? The American Red Cross has provided vital assistance to those in need in chaotic situations around the world regardless of geographical challenges and risk of danger. Through natural […]


The Fight Over Guns

On a cold December day in 2012, a deranged young man of only 20 years entered into Sandy Hook Elementary School in the small town of Newtown, CT and unleashed what was, for this nation, one of the most horrific and shocking examples of destruction of life ever experienced. The deaths of 26 people, 20 […]

Gun Control and the Second Amendment

What do these locations have in common: Newtown, Aurora, Tucson, Blacksburg, Nickel Mines, and Red Lakes Reservation? If you answered that these locations were scenes of mass shootings, you are correct. Unfortunately, these locations are just a few of the many sites of recent mass shootings in the United States. When tragedies like these occur, […]

A World Without Hunger

Food is essential for life. To be healthy and well nourished, we must have adequate amounts of a variety of good-quality, safe foods. Having access to food is something that most of us take for granted. When our refrigerators and kitchen pantries need to be restocked with more goods and fresh produce, our parents shop […]

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