Why You Buy: The Psychology of Shopping

Put on your armor and steel yourself for battle—‘tis the season for retail shopping.  Black Friday became Grey Thursday this year as retailers such as Target, ToysRUs, Walmart, and Best Buy opened on Thanksgiving Thursday for Black Friday sales. With up to a quarter of their annual sales occurring between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and increased […]


Myths for Today

Myths are among the world’s oldest stories. They have endured for eons. Invite students to be the latest generation to fall under their spell. Magical objects, tricky animals, and clever women. Epic battles and heroic challenges. Journeys to heaven and the underworld. This is the stuff of myths. Originally, they explained the world. Today, they […]

Choosing a President in 2012

Who can vote in the upcoming presidential race, and how do voters decide who will best represent their interests? Students will explore voting rights, the Electoral College, this year’s candidates and the important issues facing the United States today. The World Wide Web supplies rich graphics, interactive games and an engaging short video with animated […]


Fall Leaves

Autumn began on Sept 22 this year. 10:49 am EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) marked the moment the Sun “crossed the Equator”, however across much of the mid-latitudes, signs of autumn typically begin to appear from Labor Day on. These signs include noticeably shorter days, cooler air, less humidity, and perhaps the most obvious change of […]

The Importance of Elections and Voting

The voting age is 18; so why would kids be interested or concerned with the 2012 election just around the corner? While the last presidential election saw the highest percentage of the U.S. Voting Age Population (V.A.P.) voting since 1968, the gloomy fact is the percentage was 57% (63% of the V.A.P. voted in 1968 […]


Civil War: 1862

One hundred fifty years ago, the United States was embroiled in a bitter civil war. After the 1860 presidential election of Abraham Lincoln, eleven states seceded from the United States to form the Confederate States of America. In April 1861, hostilities began when Confederate forces attacked the Union controlled Fort Sumter in South Carolina. By […]

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Caring for our Blue Planet

A global celebration for our seas is about to take place! Mark your calendars on June 8th for World Oceans Day. This event is where people throughout the world pay tribute to the bodies of water on our planet that connect us. These waters are indeed our life support system. Water covers a vast majority […]

Manning Marable and A Life of Reinvention

Established in 1917, the Pulitzer Prize recognizes outstanding work in newspaper and online journalism, literature, and musical composition. To be considered for a 2012 Pulitzer, works had to be published during 2011 and submitted according to the entry guidelines. On April 16, 2012, the Pulitzer Prize winners were announced. This year, the Pulitzer announcement contained […]

Spring Comes Early

Is it spring? To answer this question, step outside; what evidence of spring do you see, hear, or feel? Ask an astrophysicist when spring begins and she will likely consult the solar calendar. Accordingly, vernal equinox arrived at 12:57 pm EST on Thursday, March 20, 2014. That moment marked the point at which the sun […]

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