The Richness of Puerto Rico

In this month’s Internet Challenge™, we will take a virtual trip to Puerto Rico, a small island that is located in the Caribbean Sea, about 1,000 miles southeast of Florida. The official name of this island is the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and it is a self-governing entity in association with the United States. Who […]

A World Without Hunger

Food is essential for life. To be healthy and well nourished, we must have adequate amounts of a variety of good-quality, safe foods. Having access to food is something that most of us take for granted. When our refrigerators and kitchen pantries need to be restocked with more goods and fresh produce, our parents shop […]

Caring for our Blue Planet

A global celebration for our seas is about to take place! Mark your calendars on June 8th for World Oceans Day. This event is where people throughout the world pay tribute to the bodies of water on our planet that connect us. These waters are indeed our life support system. Water covers a vast majority […]

Reconnecting with Your Library

National Library Week takes place during the week of April 11-16th and it celebrates the role that libraries – academic, special, public, and school – play in our lives. This week was first sponsored in 1958 and it is now a national observance supported by the American Library Association and libraries across the country each […]


NASA has some exciting news! On March 18th, NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft is scheduled to arrive in orbit around the planet Mercury. This spacecraft will transition from orbiting the Sun to being the first spacecraft ever to orbit Mercury. One of the mission’s goals for MESSENGER will be to study and image Mercury from orbit for […]

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