Same Thing! Teaching Equivalent Fractions

Ask students if they would rather have 1/4 or 3/12 of a pizza. Their answers may surprise you – and give you a look at the necessity of teaching equivalent fractions well. Surely you have run across the numerous misconceptions many students develop about what fractions represent and how they are used. One way to […]

The Process of Writing

A recent Vanderbilt study of 300 fourth, fifth, and sixth grade teachers reveals that teachers reported spending only about 15 minutes per day explicitly teaching writing.  Students spent just 25 minutes a day on writing activities that focused on worksheets and short answer responses. Children will write essays throughout their academic careers, to gain admission […]

Dental Health: A Window to Your Wellness

You don’t have to brush your teeth – just the ones you want to keep. ~ Author Unknown Did you know that your dental health may be able to offer clues about your overall health and wellness? Regular dental visits can do more than just keep your smile attractive. The dentist may be one of […]

The Fifty United States

Watch the United States form before your eyes; learn where the states got their nicknames and test your knowledge as we explore the fifty unique, but united, states. What is the United States like? With fifty states varying widely in geography, history, and population, there are at least fifty different answers. Through the World Wide […]

Rocking the SAT Writing Section Essay

With three SAT test dates coming up (March 9, May 4, June 1), high school juniors feel the pressure while keeping up with regular busy academic and extracurricular schedules. Hopefully students have had the opportunity to explore the variety of free tutorials and practice tests offered online in order to prepare for this mega, almost […]

SAT Math Preparation – For Free!

Ask any high school sophomore or junior what one of the most stress-inducing events in the academic arena and most will reply with one acronym: SAT. Without getting in to the debate of whether standardized testing truly evaluates any student’s potential to be successful in college and life, let’s look at the standardized evaluation tool […]

Wise Words: Preparing Students for the SAT Verbal Section

For an entire year, three letters pervade the minds of every high school junior: the S-A-T. This standardized test issued by the College Board plays a significant factor in determining entrance into various colleges, universities, and post-high school programs. With the recent tumultuous news of a “new” SAT verbal component, current eleventh grade students are […]

Gearing up for the SAT’s Writing Section

The SAT Writing test reinforces the importance of writing throughout a student’s education. This section requires students to develop a point of a view on an issue, and to use reasoning and evidence based on their own experiences, readings, or observations to support their ideas. The essay will be graded based on a student’s ability […]


You Can Run a Science Fair – Online Tools and Resources

By upper elementary, most students have had the experience of working though a science fair project. Learning the basics of the scientific method and following a plan of research are essential skills that students must take from their science education experience. By the middle grades, many school science fairs take a turn for the more […]

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