Take a Hike!

People across the country laced up their boots, strapped on a backpack, and headed outside this past weekend. Sunday, June 1 marked National Trails Day. The American Hiking Society began the tradition in 1993. Since then, the first Sunday of June has been a day to learn about and to explore America’s trails. National Trails […]

Breast Cancer 101

When you think of Angelina Jolie, what comes to mind? Jolie is often in the news attending red carpet events, promoting movies, and traveling as a United Nations representative. On May 14, Angelina Jolie made headlines across the country for a different reason. The New York Times published an op-ed piece written by Jolie in which she […]


A Look through Google Glass at the Future

Last week was an exciting one for tech fans across the country. Google released prototypes of Google Glass to a few lucky thousand who completed a short application, and paid $1,500. If you are not a tester, do not expect to use Google Glass anytime soon. Testers had to sign a contract which forbids sharing […]


Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Last week, President Obama headed across the border to Mexico and Costa Rica. His trip included a visit with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Officially, they discussed economic cooperation between the neighboring countries. However, Mexico and the United States must also face immigration and drug violence together. This week Mexico will again be on many minds […]

Walking into the Future

When two pressure cooker bombs exploded at last week’s Boston Marathon, their contents shredded the lower extremities of many of their victims. To date, 14 people have had one limb amputated. At least two women have had both legs amputated. Coincidentally, the events of the Boston Marathon focus our attention on amputation just as the […]

Talking Taxes

April 15th is a gloomy day for many Americans. It is Tax Day, the day Americans file state and federal income tax forms and submit payments. This year, 2013, marks the 100th anniversary of the federal income tax. In 1913, America ratified the 16th Amendment, which allows the federal government to levy a federal income […]

The Buzz about Bees

A string of warm days, blooming daffodils and crocuses, honey bees buzzing through the air—these are the first signs of spring. This year you may have noticed something amiss in these early signs of spring. This year there are fewer honey bees. It is not a new phenomenon. In 2006, farmers and beekeepers noticed honey […]

Game On!

March is all about rebirth, renewal…and basketball. This year, March Madness, aka The Big Dance—the annual national obsession with college basketball—began on March 16th. The three week, single elimination series concludes with the final tip-off on April 7th. That game will decide the 2014 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Champion.  (The women’s series is played […]

Spring Foward

“The early bird catches the worm.” Benjamin Franklin, the famously frugal Founding Father and proponent of productivity, would surely agree with that idiom. However, for many people, getting up was just a bit more difficult last week. Sunday, March 10 at 2 a.m. marked Daylight Saving Time across most of the United States. That meant […]

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