Let’s Play with STEM

Last month we familiarized ourselves with the organizations that support and drive the STEM efforts in the K-12 realm. The amount of resources available to educate, advise, and train teachers in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields are impressive and meaningful.  The future of this nation will rely heavily on the innovation and problem-solving […]

Rescuing Algebra

A lot of people love to hate algebra. “It’s confusing,” they say. “It’s boring,” they say. “When will I ever use this?” they ask. Algebra is where we lose so many students. We all know it is true, yet somehow we seem powerless to prevent it. But the truth is that algebra is a puzzle, […]

Objects in the 3rd Dimension

Not only are 3-D figures and polyhedra fascinating to look at, they are captivating concepts for math students of all ages. Exploring 3 dimensional solids; their faces, vertices, edges and how they interconnect, helps students to visualize real world objects. Spatial recognition and awareness is an innate ability that develops throughout life and leads to […]


STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Across the K-12 spectrum, schools have been turning their focus towards the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math realms. U.S. students continue to lag in these fields when compared to other leading nations (read the recent New York Times article that discusses this national concern). Commonly referred to as the STEM fields, students at all levels […]

Same Thing! Teaching Equivalent Fractions

Ask students if they would rather have 1/4 or 3/12 of a pizza. Their answers may surprise you – and give you a look at the necessity of teaching equivalent fractions well. Surely you have run across the numerous misconceptions many students develop about what fractions represent and how they are used. One way to […]

SAT Math Preparation – For Free!

Ask any high school sophomore or junior what one of the most stress-inducing events in the academic arena and most will reply with one acronym: SAT. Without getting in to the debate of whether standardized testing truly evaluates any student’s potential to be successful in college and life, let’s look at the standardized evaluation tool […]


Green Math

Massive drought. Hurricanes hundreds of miles inland. Drowned polar bears. It does not take a scientist to notice that our environment needs rescuing, but it does take a teacher to empower kids to provide that help. We will look at how to introduce two big environmental topics – water conservation and energy use – in […]

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