Adventures on the Web

 The school schedule can be challenging; tight blocks are set aside for more activities than the day can fit. For topics that only need a class period to cover, the hectic scheduling is not too challenging. However consider science concepts that tend to require multiple class periods to sufficiently cover. If we try to implement […]

Mathematical Modeling

The math curriculum is set in place and schedules are clicking along like a train heading full-steam ahead. Each day a new concept; a lesson, a set of exercises, a quiz or possible test and then the cycle continues. It is indeed very important that all of the mathematical standards are met and topics are […]

Friendly Fractions

Everybody knows that when you split a cookie with your brother, you each get 1/2. But what happens when you split it with your brother and your sister? What if the three of you have two cookies to share? Or what if two of you want to share three cookies? For many students, fractions are […]

Motivating Measurement in Middle Grades

Measurement and geometry topics in Middle School math tend to be isolated three or four week sets of lessons, a string of homework assignments, and then a test, and that’s it. On to the next topic and typically it has nothing to do with measurement or geometry. While students get a general overview and a […]

Cooking Up Some Math

Ask adults where they use math in everyday life and you will receive responses such as shopping, balancing the checkbook, and cooking. Cooking is surely the most accessible for elementary students, and it is a lot of fun besides. Students practice the math needed for cooking, by following the recipes and instructions on a variety […]

Demographic Studies

The mathematical and scientific study of characteristics and changing aspects of various groups of populations is called demographics, or population studies. When companies, political groups, special interest clubs, and educators collect data to help them perform better, they are working with demographics. It is the data that represents the specific features about a selected group […]

Benjamin Banneker, Mathematician

He built the first clock made in the United States, and he built it from memory, using parts he carved by hand. It kept perfect time for 50 years. He planned the entire city of Washington, D.C. in two days. His publications were mailed around the world by presidents and kings. Well, actually, probably not. […]

‘Lure’ Pre-Algebra Students with a ‘Labyrinth’

Once in a while we come across a program that is so engaging and beneficial for students that happens to also be 1) free and 2) directed towards middle school math learners! Get ready to ‘Lure’ Pre-Algebra students into the challenging ‘Labyrinth.’ Lure of the Labyrinth (from Learning Games to Go project, funded by the […]

Games of Mathematical Reasoning

Mathematical reasoning is an implicit thread throughout the Common Core Standards for mathematics. Indeed, the document even makes this explicit on page six, saying that the practices described in the Standards “rest on important ‘processes and procedures’ with longstanding importance in mathematics education. The first of these are the NCTM process standards of problem solving, […]

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