Hurry Up, Slow Down! Velocity-Time Graphs

Last month, students explored an introduction to kinematics and interacted with a variety of Web sites about position graphs (or distance-time graphs). This month we will move forward and take a look at how the changes in velocity are reflected on a graph. Velocity–time graphs, or acceleration graphs, reveal how the change in motion of […]

Mathematics of Motion: Position Graphs

Whether considering driving a safe speed to school, hitting a high speed baseball, running a race at the track and field competition, or just making it to Physics class from English Literature on time, at some point, students are encountering the mathematical principles behind position and motion. Tying science and math concepts together, an exploration […]

Hypatia of Alexandria

Dangerous beliefs. Rule breaker. Murder! Now, what ten-year-old would not be interested in that? A woman literally a millennia ahead of her time, Hypatia of Alexandria, was raised to be a scholar in a time when women were generally thought to be of lower intelligence than men and therefore not fit to study. She was […]

Meeting in the Middle – The Midpoint Formula

The new Common Core Math Standards have established a universal scope for the sequence of math concepts for the K-12 curriculum. While certainly many expert eyes combed through and revised and reviewed and re-presented the standards until they ultimately reached the present set, the standards can always be improved. Many states have already adjusted the […]

School’s In – Math is Out(side)

New math textbooks, graphing calculators with no dents, neatly organized binders with fresh tabs – it is a new school year and students enter the classroom expecting to learn a vast amount of mathematical concepts.  Whether enthusiastic or not, they know they will encounter new challenges and certainly work. Practice exercises and tests are a […]

Math Awareness Month

The month of April brings more than showers; we look forward to spring holiday, Easter, Passover, warm and sunny weather, and we start to count the number of days left in the school year. April is also a significant month for math students and teachers! Math Awareness Month. Promoted by the Joint Policy Board for […]


Math Time!

As anyone who has ever given a child “five more minutes” knows, time is not something most children grasp intuitively. To a child, five minutes can seem like either the blink of an eye or an eternity depending on what is going on. Therefore, teaching about time can be challenging as students slowly become aware […]

Measures of Central Tendency

Students in middle school and even high school rarely have the opportunity to review the concepts involved with measuring central tendency. They learned briefly about mean, median, and mode at some point in their upper elementary math class, but probably did not apply the skills in any meaningful applications beyond counting M&Ms (and certainly no […]

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