Cancer Out in the Open

Young adults rarely think cancer will strike them personally, or at least not until they are much older. Although it is true that children and teens are a relatively small proportion of cancer patients, genetic, environmental, and behavioral factors come into play and sometimes cancer arises due to known inherited risk or by complete surprise. […]

Saving the Frogs

It is important that frogs and toads stay noisy. The alternative would be unbearable—a silence that would mean the water was gone…or undrinkable. ~ Joseph T. Collins On April 28th, “Save the Frogs Day” will be celebrated in more than a dozen countries, such as Brazil, Ecuador, India, Canada, Italy and the United States. Cities […]

Honor the Elephant

A very unique, but not well-known September holiday is approaching. This special day is one that needs to be honored in a big, elephant-sized way. Why?  It is Elephant Appreciation Day, a celebration that takes place on September 22nd.  It is time to give tribute to these gentle giants, who can live up to seventy […]

Extending Our Senses

We use our senses to detect aspects of our environment. From the time our students were infants, they knew they could learn much from taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell. Scientists have developed numerous “detectors” that essentially enable us to extend our senses. Reflect back to the hurricane season just ended. Did we need to […]

DNA Profiling Headed for Upgrade

You may have heard the name “CODIS” mentioned in nearly any American crime drama on television or in the news. Its name stands for Combined DNA Index System, and the system contains about 10 million profiles of convicted offenders, unsolved crime scene evidence, and missing persons. It relies on a set of 13 genetic markers, […]

The Art of Science

Get back to basics by revisiting how concept maps and creative exploration of the scientific method can bring freshness to teaching science. Students often get pulled into learning methods that are very linear and left-brained. This may be particularly true in science, in which memorization, sequence, and rationale are primary tools for learning. To quote […]

Caring for our Blue Planet

A global celebration for our seas is about to take place! Mark your calendars on June 8th for World Oceans Day. This event is where people throughout the world pay tribute to the bodies of water on our planet that connect us. These waters are indeed our life support system. Water covers a vast majority […]

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