Hurry Up, Slow Down! Velocity-Time Graphs

Last month, students explored an introduction to kinematics and interacted with a variety of Web sites about position graphs (or distance-time graphs). This month we will move forward and take a look at how the changes in velocity are reflected on a graph. Velocity–time graphs, or acceleration graphs, reveal how the change in motion of […]

Mathematics of Motion: Position Graphs

Whether considering driving a safe speed to school, hitting a high speed baseball, running a race at the track and field competition, or just making it to Physics class from English Literature on time, at some point, students are encountering the mathematical principles behind position and motion. Tying science and math concepts together, an exploration […]

What’s the Matter?

Matter is everywhere! How often do most people, including students think about matter, its states, and properties? We tend to take matter for granted, but in reality it can be quite dynamic as it changes over time. These changes occur as a result of outside forces including temperature, weathering agents, and more. We are surrounded […]

The Art of Science

Get back to basics by revisiting how concept maps and creative exploration of the scientific method can bring freshness to teaching science. Students often get pulled into learning methods that are very linear and left-brained. This may be particularly true in science, in which memorization, sequence, and rationale are primary tools for learning. To quote […]

Tuning Into Waves

We interact with and depend upon waves every day – from sounds and visible light to microwaves and solar radiation. Take students on a full-spectrum tour to learn more about the nature of waves. The Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum is all around us. The spectrum is made of frequencies at which EM waves can occur. Sound, […]


NASA has some exciting news! On March 18th, NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft is scheduled to arrive in orbit around the planet Mercury. This spacecraft will transition from orbiting the Sun to being the first spacecraft ever to orbit Mercury. One of the mission’s goals for MESSENGER will be to study and image Mercury from orbit for […]

The Big Bang & Beyond

The Big Bang is a high-energy story for explaining the origin of the Universe, but what is the evidence that supports that theory? Take students on a tour to explore these observations, while demonstrating that this story’s end remains unwritten. Humans are curious creatures, infinitely seeking to explain the world’s workings in familiar terms and […]

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