The Burmese Python Invades Florida’s Everglades

Florida has a problem. Not with politicians, too many sun-seeking tourists, part-time senior citizens residents, or vacationing college students. No, Florida has a problem with snakes. Burmese pythons to be exact. Florida, home of Walt Disney World, is accustomed to welcoming visitors from around the world. But, some visitors are more problematic. Burmese pythons, it […]

Boeing’s 787: Dreamliner or Nightmare?

When Boeing introduced the new 787 Dreamliner airplane in 2011, it touted the innovative airplane as lighter and 20% more fuel efficient than other airplanes due in part to the use of lithium-ion batteries. However, the Dreamliner has been plagued by a string of recent safety incidents. On January 8, 2013, a flight from Boston […]

Hail to the Chief

This week, Washington D.C. hosts a series of events that celebrate the fifty-seventh inauguration of the President of the United States. Barack Obama will officially be sworn in for his second term on Monday, January 21, 2013. It is the final step on a journey that began over a year ago on the campaign trail, […]

Beat the Flu Bug

Did you get a flu shot this year? If not, you may want to head out to a pharmacy or doctor’s office soon. This year’s flu arrived early and is packing a virulent punch. Last week, the mayor of Boston and the governor of New York each declared public health emergencies. In Boston, there have […]


The Battle over Bottled Water

The town of Concord, Massachusetts, this week banned…can you guess? Not handguns, oxycontin, or texting while driving. They banned the sale of water in plastic bottles one liter (34 ounces) or less. The law states: “It shall be unlawful to sell non-sparkling, unflavored drinking water in single-serving polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles of 1 liter (34 ounces) […]

Ringing in a New Gregorian Year

2012’s final hours arrive on Monday, December 31. People around the world will mark the end of the old year and celebrate the promise of a new year with parties and fireworks. They will revel in the possibilities for self-improvement and make resolutions to be more organized, healthy, well-read, or diligent. Despite the fun, calendars […]


‘Tis Better to Give

This year’s holiday gift buying and giving ends this week—Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas will all be behind us. However, charitable donations made by the end of the year qualify as a taxable deduction. For many people the final week of the year is an important time to make final charitable donations of the year. ‘Tis […]


When Your Brain Takes a Hit

It is football season. For fans, that means pizza, key plays, and wearing your lucky socks every weekend. For players, it means grueling work to make and stay on the team, fame or infamy (depending on what plays you make or miss), and hard hits. This week, those hard hits were the focus of much […]


A Cliff Hanger: Understanding the Fiscal Cliff

Debt. Deficit. Budget. Taxes. Pretty boring, right? Actually, these are all a part of a nail-biter situation that is unfolding (or unraveling) in Washington, DC right now. You may have heard or read about it; it is front-page headlines in newspapers across the country, including the [TargetNewspaper]: the fiscal cliff. When you think of a […]


Why You Buy: The Psychology of Shopping

Put on your armor and steel yourself for battle—‘tis the season for retail shopping.  Black Friday became Grey Thursday this year as retailers such as Target, ToysRUs, Walmart, and Best Buy opened on Thanksgiving Thursday for Black Friday sales. With up to a quarter of their annual sales occurring between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and increased […]

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