Motown’s Swan Song?

In an extraordinary political drama, Detroit, yes the city, filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection on Thursday, July 18th. It has faced a number of economic hurdles in recent years, including plummeting population, sinking tax revenue, and skyrocketing debt. By filing for Chapter 9, city officials hope to gain protection from unions and creditors.  Watch […]


Cast Your Vote: The Voting Rights Act of 1965

During the summer of 1965, Americans joined hands and marched for civil rights. Among those rights was the right to vote. In 1965, eligible African American voters often faced discrimination at the ballot box. To combat the systematic voter discrimination against African Americans found primarily in southern states, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act […]


Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Last week, President Obama headed across the border to Mexico and Costa Rica. His trip included a visit with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Officially, they discussed economic cooperation between the neighboring countries. However, Mexico and the United States must also face immigration and drug violence together. This week Mexico will again be on many minds […]


150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg

Neither side expected to make a stand in the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Yet on July 1, 1863, Union and Confederate troops collided at this picturesque town. What followed was three days of intense fighting that changed the course of the Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the most important battles during […]

It’s Spring in Washington, D.C.

In late March and early April, thousands maybe even millions of blossoms cover the cherry trees along the banks of the Potomac Tidal Basin in the National Mall. It is a breathtaking site to behold. In March 1912, over three thousand cherry trees arrived in Washington, D.C. as a goodwill gift from the nation of […]

Rosa Parks Arrives at the Rotunda

Last week, the calendar advanced from February—African American History Month—to March—Women’s History Month. Who better to lead us from one historic month to the next than Rosa Parks, Mother of the Civil Rights Movement? This past week was an historic one for Rosa Parks. On Tuesday, February 27, Rosa Parks became the first African American […]

Gun Control and the Second Amendment

What do these locations have in common: Newtown, Aurora, Tucson, Blacksburg, Nickel Mines, and Red Lakes Reservation? If you answered that these locations were scenes of mass shootings, you are correct. Unfortunately, these locations are just a few of the many sites of recent mass shootings in the United States. When tragedies like these occur, […]

Pope Benedict XVI Bids Adieu

The Pope is important to Catholics; however, last week, he was the talk of people worldwide, despite their religious preferences. The Pope is responsible for ensuring that all decisions made by the Catholic Church adhere to the mission, doctrine, and morals of the Church. He is not worshipped, but he is certainly revered and respected. […]

The Fifty United States

Watch the United States form before your eyes; learn where the states got their nicknames and test your knowledge as we explore the fifty unique, but united, states. What is the United States like? With fifty states varying widely in geography, history, and population, there are at least fifty different answers. Through the World Wide […]

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