Safe and Fun Web Design for Kids of All Grades

Kids of all ages love to surf the Web. Younger students search for online games to play such as Star Wars, Barbie, NeoPets, Webkinz, and Pokeman. Middle grades students start to enter the world of collaborative online games such as MuddleNet and 39 Clues and use the Web to follow up on sports and trends. […]

Blackout: The Day the Internet Went on Strike

How often do you watch videos online?  Do you download music?  Have you ever uploaded a video with music? Do you use the internet to conduct research? Do you ever consider who owns the rights to those videos, music, or text? How often do you pay for what you use on the internet? Now, imagine […]


Cyber Bullying – An Increasing Online Threat

A little over four years ago, right here in this journal, we addressed a kind of bullying that was relatively new on the middle/high school scene – cyber bullying. Even though it was not a universally prevalent problem as yet, we speculated how and why it was on the rise and what measures would need […]

The Coolness of Computer Programming

Software coding, and learning how to code, is simpler than ever. Plug into some online resources to show students how computer programming is as easy as 1+2+3. The day has dawned when being a geek is cool. Perhaps it is because today’s modern communications and entertainment devices are routine and many of us rely so […]

Web Browsers – Which Is Best for My Classroom?

On a teacher salary, cost is probably one of the primary factors when considering which type of cell phone, laptop, digital camera, or any other technology tool to purchase. Is the item that is more expensive better? Sometimes yes, although not always. Does the price tag factor into the final decision? Almost always. So what […]

Professional Development: Online Teaching Communities

As Thanksgiving break looms on the near horizon of the calendar, the hectic fervor of final lessons, projects, and grades ensues. We as teachers are ready for the break from academic pressure and administrative duties that comes with fall and winter holidays. Parents and students are ready for a respite from reports and academic requirements. […]

Getting Around the YouTube Dilemma

Maybe you are teaching about World War 2 and want to present a primary source video of a Germany news broadcast of their perspective of D-Day. Or perhaps you wish to take students into a laser lab where they can learn about an ultrafast laser experiment. Or you might want students to ‘meet’ Ayn Rand […]

The Art of Science

Get back to basics by revisiting how concept maps and creative exploration of the scientific method can bring freshness to teaching science. Students often get pulled into learning methods that are very linear and left-brained. This may be particularly true in science, in which memorization, sequence, and rationale are primary tools for learning. To quote […]

Spreadsheet Tutorials for Teachers

It has been on your list of things to do but always seems to get tucked behind more pressing tasks. Taking your spreadsheet skills to the next level is a valuable time-saver and bumping this useful application up to top priority will help you accomplish many other items on your list more efficiently! Papers to […]


Using the Web to Take Virtual Art Tours around the World

Spring is the season most folks look forward to enjoying. Spring brings images of bright colors, cheerful hues, wide ranges of tones, and a mix of textures from soft flower petals to bristly new sprouts of grass. So much of our ‘tech time’ is spent playing catch-up with all that is available on the Web. […]

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