homeschoolMake the Web Your Texbook

Are you taking full advantage of the extensive learning resources available on the Web?

What’s the biggest challenge in home schooling? That’s easy: finding outstanding textbooks and lesson materials that don’t cost a fortune. With so much of your time going into lesson planing and teaching, it’s unrealistic to think that you have extra time to locate grade- and subject-appropriate lesson content, let alone design effective instructional activities and assessment. You need someone else to shoulder some of that load.

You know there is an endless supply of free information on the Web from authentic sources, along with photos, ebooks, videos, and other rich media. All you need to know is where to find it and how to use it.

That’s where Learners Online comes in. Since 1996 (almost as old as the Web itself) our professional educators and instructional designers have worked to unearth the best gems on the Internet for core curriculum learning across all grade levels. Once we find those resources, we design effective instruction around the content. Lessons include ideas for introducing the subject to engage learning, questions to focus learning, and activities to apply learning.

As a member, you gain access to our growing library of lessons and online learning activities.

  • Digital Lesson Library
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Digital Lesson Library

One of the biggest challenges of using online resources for instruction is that there are simply too many to choose from.

You don’t have time to develop your own Web-based learning activities when it requires so many hours of research and site evaluation even before creative lesson planning can begin.

Learners Online has compiled an extensive digital lesson library of hundreds of Web-based learning activities pointing to thousands of outstanding learning resources. Each lesson guides you to these resources and suggests specific strategies to help students engage the content in meaningful contexts. And of course, each lesson is correlated to specific core curriculum standards.

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One of the most effective ways to create a meaningful context for subject area learning is to tie the topic to a current event.

That’s why we developed WebCurrents. Each week we choose a major national or international news story and go behind the scenes, infusing the story with detailed information from several engaging, grade-appropriate sites on the Web.

Look for a new WebCurrents lesson posted every Monday, or browse our library of hundreds of past lessons by subject.

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Internet Challenge

At Learners Online we don’t mind worksheets; we just don’t like mindless worksheets.

So when we took the popular concept of a WebQuest, combined it with power of a Document Based Question (DBQ), and compiled it into a traditional printable worksheet, we knew we had a recipe for success.

Internet Challenge is a print-and-go Web-based activity all ready to hand to students. With the Internet as their textbook, students are taken on a self-guided journey from one outstanding site to the next, with specific instructions on how to navigate and what to read or view. Along the way, students write responses to short answer, multiple choice, or true/false question prompts. (An answer key is included.) The Challenge ends with several extended learning activities that give students an opportunity to apply what they learned in fun and meaningful ways.

Internet Challenge can be assigned independently or as homework, but we encourage student teaming and collaboration. New Internet Challenge is posted each month, or browse our collection of past Internet Challenges by topic.

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Do you need relevant, exciting content at your fingertips?

Learners Online provides you with classroom, school, or home school instructional curriculum at your fingertips.

Life begins outside the classroom

Learners Online will give you the knowledge and tools you need to integrate online content into traditional home and classroom learning. A must for any educator or parent who wants to make the Internet a child’s textbook to the world.

Never be at a loss again for what to teach!

Each issue contains seven complete lessons covering all of the major core curriculum areas for elementary and secondary grade levels. It is ideal for schools, individual classrooms, home school communities, or independent learners who want to maximize the enormous potential of the web as a learning tool. Learners Online provides educators with over 200 carefully researched and screened sites each month. With each lesson topic, educators learn specific strategies to help students engage the content in meaningful contexts.