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That depends on the book, but maybe a lot. How much can you learn from 500 million books? A whole lot more!

The Internet is the largest library the world has ever known, and it keeps growing. You can learn almost anything from the Web. The real problem is finding it. Google searches are great if you know how to search, but it can take a lot of time and effort sorting through 10,000 results.

Learners Online does all the work for you. Pick a subject area from our digital lesson library, choose a lesson topic, and Learners Online will guide you to the best learning resources on the Web – including many rich media sources like videos and interactive activities – turning them into learning activities with directions, study questions, projects, and lesson extensions. Learning becomes real because the sites are real, not locked up between the covers of a book.

Learners Online can help you achieve in areas where you may be struggling, advance in areas where you may already be doing well, and prepare for critical college entrance exams.

New lessons are added our library each week, so you know there will always be new learning opportunities.

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