American Red Cross – Emergency Relief around the World

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redcross6What is the one organization devoted to emergency relief and humanitarian aid that has been present at most international disasters and national crises for the past 133 years?

The American Red Cross has provided vital assistance to those in need in chaotic situations around the world regardless of geographical challenges and risk of danger. Through natural disasters, world wars, intra-nation civil battles, terrorist attacks and more, the Red Cross has been and continues to be ever present.

Blood Sweat Tears - Long History of the Red Crossredcross3

With over a century of arduous work poured into the efforts to save and relieve struggling victims, a brief review of the historical story of the Red Cross is certainly warranted. Start by reading about the History of the Red Cross. Continue by reading about the Red Cross founder, Clara Barton. Continue by skimming this timeline about Significant Dates.

redcross8Reaching the Entire World - the Red Cross Today

Continue with the Global Red Cross Network. The Red Cross today is the culmination of primarily three major organizations: the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the International Federation of Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). The Red Cross is present in nearly every nation across the globe. Most countries are supporting members at some level but even those that are not, unequivocally receive aid during times of crisis.

 Red Cross to the Rescue


Watch the following collections of video clips for a sampling of the work of the Red Cross's work in all nations:

Red Cross National Media Library

Red Cross International Media Library

History of the Red Cross and Red Crescent 

American Red Cross 2013: Arms Open and Full

Last Year's Disasters - The American Red Cross Response


The First Two Weeks - American Red Cross in Haiti

Haiti One Year Later

A Tribute to the Heroes of the Red Cross Disaster Relief

Role of the American Red Cross in Nassau County

American Red Cross tsunami recovery programme one year after


Japanese Disaster: The onset in Red Cross blood service bus

Japan Tsunami: the Red Cross Responds so far

South Sudan Red Cross - Story of Creation

Red Cross Rwanda National Disaster Response Team 2013


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