Celebrating Women Leaders – March 2014

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womenshistory6This month, we celebrate women in history. By focusing on the great number of inventions, discoveries, ideas, and achievements by women throughout history provides students with an appreciation of the ingenuity that women have contributed to our world today. March's focus on women should merely be a springboard for exploring the accomplishments of hard-working, intelligent, creative women from history and up through today. Motivating girls to push their interests by entertaining their curiosity and enjoying learning will create the next female leaders.womenshistory4

The Time for Kids - Women's History Month site is a great place to get students motivated in finding out more. Check the links located at the left for printables, lists, fast facts, and other interesting interactive ways to learn more. History.com also has a fantastic site about Women's History Month. A variety of video clips cover many topics from women in wars to women forging ahead today. The speeches and audio clips provide plenty of motivational material as well. The Biography Channel's Women's History is another excellent place to find a broad collection of stories. The U.S. Government also hosts a site devoted to Women's History Month.

womenshistory5The National Women's History Project

In 1987, the month of March was officially designated 'Women's History Month'  by the Congress of the United States. The National Women's History Project is the organization that annually leads the nation in celebrating the vast contributions of women in history up through today. Every year, they set a theme. This year's theme is 'Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment'.

Read the link about the History of National Women's History and continue with the First Presidential Proclamation. Try the quizzes or test with students. Use the Biography Center as a resource for students to select and research more about any accomplished historical or current female leader. The Student Center provides excellent prompts for small group or whole-group debate.womenshistory2

Visit the following sites for an excellent overview of the thousands of women throughout history and today who have made contributions to the world we live in today.

Women in Science

100 Women Leaders in STEM

10 Famous Women Scientists

The 50 Most Important Women in Science (Discover Magazine)

Famous Women Inventors

NPR's Women in Space

NASA Women in Space

Great Women in Engineering History


Pioneering Women Engineers


Women in Military

Military Women 'Firsts' and their History

Notable Women in Aviation History

Women in Army History

Women in the U.S. Navy


Women in Politics

22 Famous Firsts for Women in Politics


20 Most Powerful Women in Politics


Women in Business

50 Most Powerful Women in Business

Forbes The World's Most Powerful Women in Business

Business Insider Study: Women Are Better Leaders


Women in Economics...?

Unfortunately, women have not achieved as much success and notoriety in the field of economics as in the other fields. While there certainly are those who have attained high status, the remains very few as compared to the number of men in the field. Read Where are the Women (in Economics). Janet Yellen's taking over as Head of the Federal Reserve is certainly a positive step. Read Can 'Yellen Effect' Attract Young Women to Economics? 

Look for the Women in the World Foundation 2014 Summit coming up in April!

As your class explores all of the achievements of women throughout history up through today, encourage them to note any Web sites they find that they would like to share. Make a list of sites and share them here so other students can find out more!





















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