Tragedy in Nepal – Massive Earthquake Demolishes

News this past weekend centered on a typically quiet, unobtrusive region in the world. On Saturday, April 25, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the capital city of Kathmandu in the relatively small nation of Nepal. Aftershocks registered as high as magnitude 6.7 and kept occurring repeatedly right up to late Sunday where a 5.3 earthquake […]

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Twenty to thirty seconds of “pure terror”! This is how many earthquake survivors describe their experience. Anyone who has ever experienced an earthquake or seen a volcanic eruption first hand knows the true power of nature. Modern technology enables us to study our planet in ways and visualize it in ways that were just not […]

Earth’s Shaking

Earthquakes happen every day – literally! Humans have very “anecdotal” perceptions; that is to say, if a major earthquake hits “near home”, then we tend to assume that earthquakes are becoming more frequent and common. Is that the case? This lesson looks into our planet’s composition and just what earthquakes are all about! Earth is […]

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