Discussing the World’s Economic Status and Plans for a Future Global Economic Initiative – Among the Koalas?

The Group of 20, or the G20, concluded its 2-day meeting in Brisbane, Australia yesterday. Every year, 19 nations plus the European Union, which represent the mightiest economies, send their central bank leaders, finance ministers, and governors to meet in a forum where global economic issues are discussed, policies are compared, and objectives and intentions […]


A Cliff Hanger: Understanding the Fiscal Cliff

Debt. Deficit. Budget. Taxes. Pretty boring, right? Actually, these are all a part of a nail-biter situation that is unfolding (or unraveling) in Washington, DC right now. You may have heard or read about it; it is front-page headlines in newspapers across the country, including the [TargetNewspaper]: the fiscal cliff. When you think of a […]

The Occupy Movement

On September 17, 2011, the Canadian activist group Adbusters, initiated a protest movement in New York City against social and economic inequality. Named Occupy Wall Street, the movement soon spread throughout the United States and the world. What are they Angry About? After years of economic downturn and recession, people are upset for a variety […]


Black Friday and the GDP

‘Tis the season for retail discounts! If you participated in Black Friday, we hope you found a great deal – and gave a little boost to the GDP. Some U.S. shoppers had to head for their post-Thanksgiving nap a little earlier this year to be ready to participate in the Black Friday rush, as many […]

Measuring Unemployment and Poverty in an Economic Recession

Jobs. Income. Security. With a job, one can maintain an income and access to resources such as insurance and future financial security. With a job, one contributes to a larger team or project and reaps the benefits of enhanced skills, broader knowledge base, and wider circle for social networks. With a job, one finds purpose […]

Exploration and Economics: Colonizing the United States

The colonization of the United State was an exciting and perilous adventure, even after colonists arrived in North America. Students join the adventure as they explore the hardships and rewards of economic life in the 13 colonies. With many different motivations and dreams, Europeans came to colonize North America. How would they form a new […]

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