Let’s Play with STEM

Last month we familiarized ourselves with the organizations that support and drive the STEM efforts in the K-12 realm. The amount of resources available to educate, advise, and train teachers in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields are impressive and meaningful.  The future of this nation will rely heavily on the innovation and problem-solving […]


Green Math

Massive drought. Hurricanes hundreds of miles inland. Drowned polar bears. It does not take a scientist to notice that our environment needs rescuing, but it does take a teacher to empower kids to provide that help. We will look at how to introduce two big environmental topics – water conservation and energy use – in […]

Hypatia of Alexandria

Dangerous beliefs. Rule breaker. Murder! Now, what ten-year-old would not be interested in that? A woman literally a millennia ahead of her time, Hypatia of Alexandria, was raised to be a scholar in a time when women were generally thought to be of lower intelligence than men and therefore not fit to study. She was […]

Math Awareness Month

The month of April brings more than showers; we look forward to spring holiday, Easter, Passover, warm and sunny weather, and we start to count the number of days left in the school year. April is also a significant month for math students and teachers! Math Awareness Month. Promoted by the Joint Policy Board for […]


Math Time!

As anyone who has ever given a child “five more minutes” knows, time is not something most children grasp intuitively. To a child, five minutes can seem like either the blink of an eye or an eternity depending on what is going on. Therefore, teaching about time can be challenging as students slowly become aware […]

Slow Down! Mathematics for Slower Learners

“I’m just bad at math.” How many students have you heard say that? Perhaps too many. It is so sad to hear a child whose education is just beginning express the belief that there is a subject he or she simply cannot learn. Especially since it is not true! All students, with the possible exception […]

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