Adventures on the Web

 The school schedule can be challenging; tight blocks are set aside for more activities than the day can fit. For topics that only need a class period to cover, the hectic scheduling is not too challenging. However consider science concepts that tend to require multiple class periods to sufficiently cover. If we try to implement […]

Teaching with WebQuests

How can teachers encourage critical and analytic thinking, develop problem-solving skills, and integrate technology into the curriculum? It might seem challenging, but a WebQuest provides students the opportunity to explore a topic while honing these critical skills. And, it’s fun! Webquest is an effective way to incorporate inquiry learning through technology into the classroom.  In […]

Skype in the Classroom

Need a free, fast, and insta-global method for collaborating on projects for K-12 science, math, social studies, or language arts projects? Now the internationally recognized and readily used software program, Skype, has stepped up to provide just that – a conduit for students to truly work together with other classrooms in just about any other […]

Safe and Fun Web Design for Kids of All Grades

Kids of all ages love to surf the Web. Younger students search for online games to play such as Star Wars, Barbie, NeoPets, Webkinz, and Pokeman. Middle grades students start to enter the world of collaborative online games such as MuddleNet and 39 Clues and use the Web to follow up on sports and trends. […]

Blackout: The Day the Internet Went on Strike

How often do you watch videos online?  Do you download music?  Have you ever uploaded a video with music? Do you use the internet to conduct research? Do you ever consider who owns the rights to those videos, music, or text? How often do you pay for what you use on the internet? Now, imagine […]

Web Browsers – Which Is Best for My Classroom?

On a teacher salary, cost is probably one of the primary factors when considering which type of cell phone, laptop, digital camera, or any other technology tool to purchase. Is the item that is more expensive better? Sometimes yes, although not always. Does the price tag factor into the final decision? Almost always. So what […]


Using the Web to Take Virtual Art Tours around the World

Spring is the season most folks look forward to enjoying. Spring brings images of bright colors, cheerful hues, wide ranges of tones, and a mix of textures from soft flower petals to bristly new sprouts of grass. So much of our ‘tech time’ is spent playing catch-up with all that is available on the Web. […]

Try This: Four Sites to Explore

Mining the Internet can be dirty business. Who among us has not spent hours searching for academically sound, interactive, and relevant sites? It can be difficult to identify the worthwhile sites, and to stay on track. That dirty work is no longer necessary thanks to one site that digs for us and then challenges us […]

Tools of the Web 2.0 Trade

Now that you are familiar with the premise of Web 2.0 and have joined in the global discussion that debates the implications of this innovative social educational network, now it is time to get started! The tools that are available to teachers are plentiful and in the spirit of sharing information via the World Wide […]

Web 2.0 in the Classroom – Joining the Debate

Last month we explored what Web 2.0 is all about and what it could mean for the future of our educational program. We certainly could not cover this pertinent topic without an unbiased examination of the views for why this application may or may not be ideal for education. Students attend school to gain information. […]

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